You don’t have to commit to a long-term therapy when you need to discuss specific personal issues. Often, an outside perspective of an impartial professional received during one or several consultations may be as effective as a longer process. When you work with me, you decide on the frequency and the number of your visits. You can choose to come for a single consultation or schedule a package at your convenience – you are in control of your process.

I work best with people who feel unable to fit into the societal standards and want to gain more self-confidence and self-acceptance. Our work will be most effective if you bring very specific questions and/or concerns to each session and if you generally know what you would like to achieve. My role, as I see it, is to guide you towards your goals but not to set those goals for you. My work is trauma informed because I believe that much of our psychological suffering comes as a result of various unprocessed traumas. You don’t have to process any of your traumatic experiences if you don’t want to, but be informed that I may point out the connection between them and your current problems. When you work with me, you will always be in control of what you work on and how you work on it. At the same time, I may not always be able to do what you ask of me for various reasons. In such instances I will make appropriate referrals to other professionals, who, in my opinion, might serve you better.

The best way to find out if I can be a right match for you is to meet with me face-to-face. Please schedule a session via the online appointment tool, or give me a call at 818.564.7703 if you have any questions.

My office is conveniently located in the heart of Ventura County, right across the 101 freeway from the Camarillo Premium Outlets:

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