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Online Short-Term Psychotherapy

Informed Consent

Online Short-Term Psychotherapy Description

Online short-term psychotherapy is designed to address your immediate concerns in such a manner that guides you how to approach your problems without the need to explore them on a very deep level.

The short-term online counseling doesn’t attempt to find solutions to whatever situation(s) or dilemma(s) you may struggle with but rather to help you come to your own understanding of what you want to achieve, identify mental and emotional blocks that might keep you from reaching your goals and expand your vision of the situation you are currently in.

Just like therapy in general, this particular modality is not a guarantee that you will be helped in the exact way you expected or hoped for, but when therapist and client make a collaborative effort, satisfactory results can be achieved.

Online Short-Term Psychotherapy Structure

The entire length of short-term online counseling is up to 15 video sessions of 60 min in duration for each session. Fifteen is the maximum number of consultation hours you may have with me regardless of how serious your problem may be. If I feel that your needs might be better fulfilled by a different type of therapy or that 15 hours of short-term counseling is not enough for you to address your problems adequately, I will provide you with the appropriate referrals to places or practitioners that might be a better match for your needs.

Video sessions may be spaced out by periods of time ranging from a few days to a few (3-4) weeks. This gives you enough flexibility to accommodate your lifestyle and the pace with which you process information while still preserving the continuity of therapy. If you don’t schedule the next session in four weeks and I don’t hear from you, I will assume that our work is complete.

If you so desire, you may return for another course of short-term therapy in the future but not sooner than one year after the first or the previous course was completed.

Therapy Completion or Termination

Our work is completed when

  • You feel that your questions, concerns, dilemmas or struggles have been adequately addressed  OR
  • You decide to terminate because you are not satisfied with the service and move on to finding something that might work better for you OR
  • I believe that you would be better served by a different type of practitioner and a different type of therapy in which case I will provide you with the appropriate referrals

Fees and Payments

The fee for one-hour online video consultation is $95. All payments are processed through PayPal (all major credit cards are accepted). Each session must be prepaid by the day a consultation is scheduled. Please utilize the online scheduling tool to set up the appointment and submit your payment. Service is not rendered until the payment is processed.

Medical Insurance

I am not a provider of any insurance carriers and I do not take any medical insurance payments. Please, contact your insurance company to clarify the details of your coverage. I will provide you with the invoice of your payments for any time period upon your request.


The ethical code of my profession requires me to keep the content of our conversations confidential with some exceptions. Those exceptions include but are not limited to information concerning child, dependent adult or elderly abuse, an intent to cause physical harm to oneself or others or destruction of property and some other exceptions. Feel free to ask questions regarding any item of the mental health profession’s code of ethics.


I have read and understood all information about online short-term therapy, its purpose and structure, its benefits and limitations and I give Marina Tonkonogy, M.A., LMFT #48252 my consent to start my treatment with the full understanding of her methods and her business policies.